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Jan 3, 2016
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After a search I didn't quite see the answer to my question. Husband has asked for a beard oil (he just saw one at the store). The oil in question has a mix of a zillion or more ingredients. Checking the Soap Queen beard oil recipes, she uses a bunch of oils I don't have the budget for right now.

Using what I have:
80% evoo
10% fractionated co
10% sunflower

Would this be ok enough for a coarse beard? Should I skip the oo and add more co?
Bear in mind that I've never made a beard oil, but based on this article from Susan Barclay's blog (swiftcraftmonkey) here, I'm thinking it might be a good idea to increase the coconut oil, at least by enough to be the predominant oil in your formula.

IrishLass :)
Thank you for the advice and links.

Revising my recipe idea with what I've read:
90% co
1% vitamin e
5% hazelnut
4% oo

My only worry about the hazelnut is the potential rancidity, I don't see my husband going to the fridge everyday as part of his grooming habits. I'd switch to 9% oo if it old last longer.

What do you guys think?
Tricky. I've never heard of beard oil. I do know that CO is fantastic in hair. Black Seed oil is another good one but that can get a little pricey. Adding vitamin E to the mix is a smart move and beneficial as well. Really, keeping it simple would be my advice since many oils are not too nice on the face if you're not oil cleansing at the least (ie OO, AO, CASO).
Thanks everyone for your advice.

I'll pull everything out when I get home and see what I come up with

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