Beach butter lotion recipe

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Dec 4, 2006
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Beach Butter lotion


2 grams natural vitamin E
80 grams cocoa butter
50 grams coconut oil
42 grams macadamia nut oil
30 grams kukui nut oil
17 grams emu oil
6 grams beeswax
4 grams germaben II
3 grams cornstarch
3-4 grams of your favorite fragrance Oil

Directions: Melt all your ingredients except(nat. vitamin E, fragrance oil, cornstarch & germaben II) in a microwave safe container,using 1 min. increments until it appears that your beeswax has started to melt. Using a stick blender whip on a low setting until your mixture begins to thicken. Place your mixture in the fridge for a few minutes(this will allow the mixture to set up quicker)use your stick blender to whip the mixture. Repeat the above step 2-3 more times or until it appears to be light & fluffy. Next add your vitamin E, fragrance oil, cornstarch, & germaben II and whip for the last time, making sure that you have a smooth consistent blend. Place your finished "Beach Butter" into jars of your choice and enjoy the luxurious, rich, silky feeling that will transfer into your skin.
Thanks Elyce Nielsen of Nevada for your awesome contribution!