Bay Laurel Oil or Laurel Berry Oil Soap Experiment and Video

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Feb 6, 2012
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So after waiting a whole lot of months in the frezzer. I finally did a 100 percent Bay Laurel oil soap HP 4.10 Ounces. I did this because I wanted to test and make sure the SAP on Soap Calc was right for the oil. I did video it for you tube and we are uploading the second video now where I show the trace. it is a costly experiment but I needed to know. In the USA this soaping oil (not the essential oil) is very expensive. I got it from a friend. I have learned many things. I will make a video soon making olive oil bay laurel soap Hot Process. While it wont be traditional Aleppo soap, I can still learn about it and enjoy the experience.
I added a link to more information about the oil itself which is confused with the essential oil.
So is the sap value on soap calc accurate? I am going to be getting soon of this oil soon.