Bats while on vacation

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Dec 21, 2006
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OK, so we took the kids to Austin for a few days, that's why I have not been around.

The largest urban bat colony in THE WORLD lives under a bridge in Austin TX. Of coarse, the batteries on my camera died at dusk, when the bats emerge!

For a solid hour millions of bats awoke & emerge from under the bridge. There is NO way you have any idea how many that is untill you have seen it!

Here are some photos on flickr
This photo only shows 1 strean of bats from under 1 spot on the bridge. Bats emereged from 5-6 spots for an hour solid. It was CRAZY!

We saw a bat hit the ground, don't know why, maybe a mid air collision. Once it shook off the head ache, it scampered across the path & up a tree & *tried* to take off w/o luck & fell again. This second time it only fell from about 10 feet so it zoomed across the path & up the tree again super fast we all backed off & gave it space in hopes it would make it that time. Bats can't *take off* from the ground. They have to start off w/ a bit of elevation I am told.

It was too cool!

We also went to schlitterbauhn the worlds #1 water park ( :roll: ) jumped into the Colorado river & did assorted other vacation like activities :lol: . Schlitterbaun realy was fun, I thought it was going to be the worst day of my life but it enjoyable much to my surprise.

The food in Austin is amazing! Every place you go offers a huge vegetarian selection & many, many fresh, natural alternatives. We had the most amazing fajitas. They wee onion, red & green pepper, plabano, eggplant, squash & potatoe! The mex food is awesome too w/ a real southwest &/or south American flair. They have pancakes made of everything you could imagine, gingerbread pancakes are my fav but pumpkin pancakes are a close second.
I was there! I saw those bats too....awesome, isn't it? I loved Austin, what a clean, modern, lovely city - very impressed. It reminded me of Ottawa a bit, except with less water and more money.
Is anyone watching Nightline tonight? The Austin bats will be on!

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