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Mar 16, 2007
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Queensland, Australia
Has anyone else seen this mentioned around the place? I thought I'd give it a try, seeing as DH bought me a mixmaster for xmas. (He thinks that he's getting treats to take to work, but I've got news for him...)

I took 2 bars of soap, approx 260g total, grated them & then wet them down & let it sit for a while. I then started to whip with the mixer, and added 2 tablespoons of jojoba, and I forgot to count how many tablespoons of water :oops:

Anyway, my 2 bars of soap have turned into this:

It has turned out a lovely light blue, as the original bars were a blue & white swirl. I have added germall +, as I've added extra water and it'll be used in the shower, and I've added sugar to make it scrubby.

I'll be using it for days, I didn't expect it to make anywhere near this much!!
Cool! Let me know if it separates later, I have heard that can happen.
Also, is it thin enough to use in a pump bottle as a cream soap?
Becky that is awesome! I have never seen or heard about this process. That looks too cool. I must give it a try! Thank you so much for the details and idea! I have tons of shavings. Why couldn't a person take those shavings and whip them, add a bit of liquid colourant, add a bit of new scent, and wa-la---new whipped soap! :idea: Awesome! 8) :D

Paul :)
I've been looking into this but got put off when someone says that it almost always separated after a while. But maybe they didn't whip long enough?
Zen, it's not thin enough to be used in a pump bottle. It's very thick and a little sticky, tho not in a bad way.

I've not heard anything about it separating, but I am going to put some in a container for a 'control' batch, so that I can watch what happens to it over time.

Paul, if you're going to try it, I only used 2 bars of soap, 260 grams worth, and had to stop whipping it coz it was climbing out of the bowl :shock: I would start with about half that, so that you've got room to work. I'm about to take a small portion out and keep whipping it, just to see what happens, and to see whether I can get it to be not so thick.
I used about a cup of shavings today that I've had close to a year now. I used my Kitchenaid and the whisk attachment. I started out on slow and dded about 1/4 cup of hot water. I ended up using about 1/3 to close to 1/2 cup of the hot water. It whipped up to about 2 quarts of thick, rich, creamy soap. Used a scrubby and it cleaned and bubbled great! I used violet and blue colourant and scented with Lavender Flowers from NG. I added a little Germall Plus Liquid as a preservative. We like this soap. Thanks Becky!

Paul... :wink:
I've just re-whipped a portion of last nights attempt with a little water, and it is now light and fluffy, almost whipped cream-ish. I'm just about to have a shower and try it out, but I'm also really liking it!

About 1/3 of the batch, re-whipped, now fills a 2 litre tub. Thats a lot of product for relatively small effort, and re-using scraps. It'll be interesting to see how it holds up over time.
Awsome soap

That sounded to cool to pass up with whipping soap shavings. I tried it myself. Mine is a light yellow/tan color with the yellow colored soap shavings......reminds me of butter cream 8) yeah......cream soap or
buttercream soap. I put a few drops of vita. E. natural in mine , put some of it in a container, then added a pinch of citric acid to the rest in the bowl, whisked that ....put in a jar. This way I'll see which works(storeage wise)best. I used lavender & rosemary E.O. for fragrance also.
I'm giving this a try tonight. Have lots of shavings left over from some rebatching and trimmings.

Wonderful idea.

Yay! Something to do with my shavings! Thanks SO much for this! Don't have any Germall Plus, though. That's on my list!
cream soap

I don't use germall. Only natural stuff if possible. I'm trying citric acid....... just a pinch :wink: in part of mine then hoping the E.O.s I use will have enough power to kill bacteria, along with vita. E. I'm trying three different ways in 3 containers to see which works best. 8) Heres hoping.
Buttercup, try Optiphen as a preservative. It has no parabens and formaldehyde.

I want to try this too! I have tons of ends and not so good batches that I can whip up. But no preservative on hand right now. How long would it last without it?
cream soap

Zen, This is all new experimenting on this product. No one knows yet.
With it being soap yet adding water.......don't know. Thats why I'm trying E.O.s that have higher anti-bacterial qualities without going overboard :roll: I'm using Rosemary E.O. because it is also known to have de-oderizing capabilities. & Lavender is good for skin & relaxation as well as anti-bacterial.
I whipped mine until really light and fluffy and put it in the disposable Glad 1 Qt containers. The product has fallen every time in the plastic while waiting for use. :( I think too thin, too fluffy is a bad thing. We need to leave it thicker I think. More experimenting needed on my end. I'm going to do a test batch with no preservative and see what happens. I'm afraid I think I know, but need to give it a chance. I'm leaving the lid off letting the natural bacteria in the air challenge test it over time.

Mine hasn't fallen, but has gone really thick and sticky. It almost has the consistency of foam rubber!!

While this was a cool idea, and fun to try, I don't think I like it. :(
I think it is trying to take over my kitchen!!!! WOW two bars of soap make a bunch of cream soap! Smells yummy! Thanks to Paul and Shannon's soap :)
Dragon, did you make that out of M&P soap or CP? What is the scent? It looks kinda like green goddess salad dressing. If it's a cucumber mint or something the color is awesome.
I used cp soap, left overs from Paul and Shannon's soaps from the swaps. I don't think you can do the whip with MP.

It smells like a really light pumpkin