Bath Bombs for the under 5s

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Oct 12, 2015
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I was wondering about making some bath bombs for a friend's children, she has two under 4. I looked on the link about babies skin but didn't find anything that was helpful.

So far, I have made 4 lots, all have been awesome (so I am overdue for a failure) but I wondered if there was any advice that you had. I was thinking about little bombs, no fragrance, maybe a little colour. Just using BS and CA. I don't have children, so out of my depth here.
Personally, with bath bombs and baby/kiddo skin, the part that I would worry about the most is the fragrance irritating their skin. Since you're not using fragrance, my other big concern would be making sure that the child didn't pick up the bath bomb and try to put it in their mouth. My kids both used bath bombs from the time they were about 2 on. I haven't been able to find any information yea or nay on CA or SB specifically for youngster skin, but in the small amount that I was using (a bomb about the size of a golf ball for a half full tub), I felt safe letting my own kids use them.
Thanks Splendor, definitely no fragrance. My moulds are a little smaller than a golf ball and of course the children are fully supervised at bath time. If they stick them in their mouths, I dare say they will do it only once. I will ask Mum what she thinks.
My daughter has asked me to make her some (shes 4) and she has given me specifications lol, she said she wants it coloured and she wants petals and for it to smell of oranges. I haven't done one yet but was considering starting with an uncoloured one with a few rose petals for colour and a small amount of mandarin e.o, just enough for a slight aroma.