Batch #30 First whipped soap!

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Nov 28, 2007
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Batch #30 whipped soap

Ingredients: Coconut oil 4 oz., Lard 8 oz., Canola oil 5 oz.,
Palm Kernel 2 oz., Castor 1 oz. [total oils 20 oz.]
Additives: .5 oz aloe, .5 oz. Vitamin E, .5 oz. Glycerin
1. oz. FO ( .5 Orange Rain, .5 Mojave springs)
discounted water by 1. oz. water 6.6, lye 2.86 ( 5 % super fat)

Hardness 41 Cleansing 20 Condition 52 Bubbly 24 Creamy 26
Iodine 55 INS 153

This was fun to put together I mixed the Lye and water then chilled cold.
The palm kernel wouldn’t act right after I started whipping so I melted everything down, put it in the freezer till it solidified, then whipped it again. This time It whipped up nice and smooth. All ingredients mixed very cold and poured cold, Set mold outside to insure no gel. Cutting is difficult because of the texture it wants stick to the knife and crumble.
The fragrance doesn’t loose any and this one smells so very good.

The color ends up as pastels and the white is really very white. This amout of oils normally makes 7- 3 oz. bars this made 10 bars.

Next time i'll be more carefull when putting it in the mold and jar it down some to remove air pockets:


different angle:

Random Photo, Cant wait to see these again.. It wont be long now:

Those are really pretty.

Since I make CPHP soap I understand the need to knock those molds on the floor or counter to get the air out :lol:
Beautiful bars. Do you think it would have cut easier if they sat longer? I wish I could watch you and everyone else soaping. To be a fly on the wall just observing.

Hope springs anew in my heart for what is to come. The flower is quite a sight to behold.

Thanks for sharing.
thanks for the kindness.

Laurie, It may have , Im so impatient when it comes to soap. Next time I'll leave it for a few days before I cut it. It would help to have a heated wire Like i used to use to cut Styrofoam.. I may still have it some where.
I have been doing RTCP lately and mine seems to cut easier
if it sits for a few hours after unmolding.

LOL, You know I cant wait, Im so impatient when it comes to soap..
Yes they float and lather very well. and the Fragrance is as strong
as the beginning. I really like them, but whipped soap I see has its own chalenges.
I was very supprised how fast the ph dropped. only 2 days and no zap.
Very nice, Neil. I haven't tried whipped soap yet. I have visions of raw soap/lye flying all over the kitchen. Your reports about the ph are making me want to give it a go.

Beautiful shot of the aster, too.

That was another good thing about the whipped soap, I got to make in the kitchen! instead of outside. it was nice too not haveing to worry about time, you can slow down and take it easy, it wont get hard or seize, although Im sure certain FO's might cause there normal troubles...
I check for your soaps everyday!! I love everything you make & the "extra" pictures!! :)

what a wonderful compliment.. Thank you so very much.