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Feb 4, 2008
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OK. A few weeks ago I asked if a recipe I had put together looked good to everyone. I got lots of great, some funny replies. The general concensus was I'd get lots of different opinions, which I did.

After reviewing everone's feed-back (thanks!!!), I made some changes & ended up with this recipe:

Water as 28%-thanks IrishLass!

8.96 oz Water
4.48 oz Lye
15.36 oz Olive Oil
8 oz Coconut Oil
3.52 oz Palm Oil
3.84 oz Castor Oil
1.28 oz Cocoa Butter
2 oz FO

I tried it. All went well. I should'nt have covered it so well as the heat made it crack, but other than that, it's a nice bunch of soap. Here's a pic:

Here's what's on my curing rack so far. Lots of ash forming on that 1st batch on the bottom shelf:

Thanks to Faithy, Lane, Barb, IrishLass & anyone else I might've missed! April 6 is when I can test. It can't get here fast enough!!!!
you soap looks great and the stamp is a quality touch.