Batch #24 Orange-Opium

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Nov 28, 2007
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Batch #24 Orange-Opium

First let me say something about the sent..WOW! from saveonscents
Opium type (m) and Orange blossom equal amounts. Ive been trying to replicate the castelbel orange, I think I like this orange-opium better.
Soap is basic: Coconut 5 oz. olive 6 oz. cotten seed 5oz. Palm (orange) 4 oz. and castor 3 oz. The Natural palm has a wonderful orange color . I mixed a little to much Titanium Dioxide and made it a creamy yellow.
at trace ,5 oz. Aloe, .5oz. Vitamin E, .5 oz. Glycerin, .75 oz. orange-opium FO
Hardnes 35 cleansing 15 Condition 61 Bubbly 26 Creamy 32
Iodine 67 INS 141

The log out of mold in 3.5 hours:


Bars (not cut nor beveled so well):


Close up of the Marble effect... I have an idea the aloe gel is causing the effect:


One of my peanut loving buddies standing guard:

Neil, I love that marble effect you are able to achieve. Whatever you're doing, keep it up.

Nice shot of the squirrel. They are such characters.
WOW that is an interesting thing that is happening there! Very Antique looking :)

BTW that was what you were going for right??? :shock:
Wow - if you figure out that effect - let us know. It's cool! I wish I could smell them. That fragrance sounds divine!
Neil, you are amazing! :shock: All those test batches in such a short time! 8) I feel your enthusiasm! :D Keep it up my friend. That marbling is totally cool! Another great scent combo and colour, Neil. The squirrel is a great watch "dog"! :lol: