Batch #18 Peaches and Cream

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Nov 28, 2007
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Well, BAtch #18, Suppose to be an orange swirl into a white base.
Great specs on the soap.
hardness 41
cleansing 22
conditioning 54
bubbly 28
creamy 25
iodine 60
INS 157
The smelly stuff came out great;
I only used an oz. but the mix is;
1 oz Ylang Ylang, 1 oz Honeysuckle, 1/2 Patchouli, .25 oz lemongrass.

used Titanium in both color and base.

The Log came out nice (small batch 12 bars)

Rough cut bars.. notice the anomaly, almost a marbled look

Here is the finished cut bars

Bars alittle closer

As you can see the bars came kinda ok but I'm not sure how I feel about the MArble look , it looks kinda like sour milk, But it sure smells good.
Neil, those are some really pretty soaps, I really love that marbled look. Good job! What did you use for the peach color. Ylang Ylang is one of my very favorites, I'll bet they smell just wonderful.
Thanks a bunch everyone. I believe the effect was caused when the soap gelled, the Titanium Dioxide separted but only in the white. The Orange had the same Titanium Dioxide amount.... Go fiquire. I think swirling and artitstic coloration is perhaps best not gelled.. Im just to impatient to wait.
Thanks Again everyone


I LOVE the look of your soap! It's...BEAUTIFUL and unique. I'm not into "swirls", AND I love the "pattern". It's just...amazing.
Neil, I did not compliment you on the numbers you posted about this batch. Very nice soap. The numbers are really great! Nice job, again my friend. You are making great soap. 8) Soap on my friend, soap on! :wink:


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