Baggie Expanding Again

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Jan 15, 2022
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Hoisington, Ks
I'm new here, and I hope I'm posting this in the right location.
Guesses are very welcome!! But, if anyone actually knows the science behind this... I would appreciate it.
The baggie I was putting leftover bath bomb mix into was expanding. Puffing up, as in, it will explode. This was due to the "damp" bath bomb mixture being sealed, and the gasses being released by the reaction between the citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. So, I opened the baggie, let the stuff dry for a couple of days, and resealed the baggie with all the air squeezed out. Fine. We went about a week, without any expansion of the baggie. Last night, I was fiddling, and just crushing up some of the larger chunks, by squeezing them between my fingers (never opened the baggie). Today, the baggie has puffed up, again... about halfway.
I do NOT want my Bath Bomb Dust baggies exploding in someone's face. (Which is why we NEVER put fizzing bath salts in a glass container!!) I don't add water to my bath bombs. I add 91% alcohol... but, even that... the other 9% is water. Do you think crushing the larger chunks exposed some internal water that caused the stuff to start reacting again?