avoiding the lye smell

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Nov 1, 2013
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What's the resolution on your scale? If you have a centigram scale (or maybe even decigram), small batches aren't necessarily any less safe than big ones. But if yours only goes down to grams, then your measurements could be off enough to cause problems.

I wish I could find centigram scales - especially when I made lotion and was trying to measure 2g of some things (scales insistited it was still at 0, so after about 6mL of a very visoucs substance I just hoped it was enough!) In future for small amounts like that I will put the entire bottle on the scales first and measure OUT of that (until my scales turn themsevles off after a while with 'no change').

Back on topic - I have used coins to check my scales, wikipedia told me the weight of coins and I grabbed a selection and tested them - they were all accurate so I was happy enough (something like 7g,9g,10g and 15g...)

And if you MUST have that Dove smell, there are fragrance oils available that smell like it.
But if you mean 'less weird more soapy-like smell' then that's only time (and oils).