At what temnperature do you pour your fragance?

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Jan 19, 2017
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Texas, USA
I will be honest and say that is probably crazy that I measure my fragrance and wax at the same time.

I was watching a video, that the fragrance would be more powerful if you pour as low as possible. But I read blogs on the complete opposite.

What is you'll opinions on this?
I don't take temps of my wax for candles (I use paraffin and palm waxes) and I add my FO as soon as I pour the melted wax out of my melt pot and into my pour pot. I don't think it matters either way to be completely honest.
You have probably read a lot about flash point. People say to add the scent in at the flash point. But flash point really has nothing to do with candle making. Flash point is the point at which a liquid when heated to a certain temperature will form a vapor that can ignite IF exposed to a flame. It does NOT mean "the point that it will leave the wax". Don't forget that once you add the scent to the wax and start mixing you have now changed the flashpoint of the mixture. And the scent is so much less in volume than the wax that the overall flashpoint is now closer to that of the wax. Anyhoo, I also add my scent right after the wax reaches it's "heat" temp. For GW464 that is between 180-190F.
Fragrance oils should be added at around 185F. When I'm making candles I heat the wax to about 190F and allow it to start cooling and pour in my Fragrance oils at 185. Then you want to slowly stir for 2 minutes to keep it suspended in the wax. Keep stirring every few minutes to keep it suspended and mixed well while waiting to cool. I cool mine to about 130F to pour. Adding your FO over 185F will cause it to evaporate faster and could lend to there not being enough hot throw when burning the candle.

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