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Jan 25, 2016
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I usually work with oxides, ultramarines, and clays for coloring my soap. Now my niece has asked me to make two types of soap as guest gifts for her upcoming wedding in April. Her husband's bath will be royal blue, which I think I can do with what I have on hand, but my niece has her heart set on a gardenia scented soap colored a fairly intense coral color. Does anyone have a good source for a fool-proof non-morphing coral? I usually buy colorants from TKB Trading and will look around their website, but advice from other soapmakers would be appreciated. Thanks!

I was also thinking it might be nice to get stamps made with their names to impress on the soap bars, as a surprise. Does anyone have a preferred stamp maker?

Based on what I’ve read on the Nurture website, the key to keeping orange-toned micas from fading or morphing is to keep the soap from overheating and to use relatively more mica ppo. See the notes section on this page and this blog post on their website. I haven’t had problems with orange since I started following their advice. Example here. I’ve also had good results mixing my own shade of salmon pink. I think I used Love Song and Orange Vibrance, but may have added a little Yellow Vibrance.