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Aug 29, 2020
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Southern California
Hello SMF'
My first post so I hope its correct. Speaking of Ash' normally I'd cringe the moment I spot it! but not this time' i'm a HP Soaper & as of late wanted to be able to design a pretty soap w/ colors' which I cannot really do w/ HP Soap' so down the rabbit hole I jump! 1st batch seized up' as fast as a NY Second' 2nd batch not bad' feeling good' 3rd batch total disaster in so much I threw it in the Trash' first for me in doing that' usually I can re-batch it. 4th loaf We'll I put it in freezer for 4 hours to keep it from gelling & took it out of freezer set it on counter tell the next morning' cut it & it was as soft as butter on a warm summer Day' its been 4 days & Im spotting the "Dreadful Ash" on top the soap only this time it looks beautiful w/ the pastel color swirl in the soap & pleased that its firming up too' Ive got lots to learn being a new soaper 2yrs this November. Moral of my story sometimes ash can work in your favor, having said that! Im tweaking my recipe' & going to let it jell on the next batch see what happens. love this Soap Forum' Big Thx everyone.