Are FO's making me sick?

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Sep 6, 2013
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my horrible experience with EOs was a while ago. I make soap which I sell. For a while I made small batches, 2lbs a day. That was just the mold I had at the time. So I made one small batch per day to keep up. It was annoying but whatever. I love the smell of EOs and I was soaping in a well ventilated area so everything was ok. The curing room had this intense smell but I never spent much time in there. Eventually I got enough money and got myself an 8lbs mold. For this I use a total of 100ml of EO. The first day I went to use it was a cold rainy day. I never had an issue with the EOs. I made the mistake of getting ahead of myself and soaping with the windows closed. I soaped, I cleaned, I spent a while in there. I felt ok. I regurarly checked on the progress. It was the first time using the mold and I was watching the soap go through the process. I still find the process mildly hipnotising. It really hit me a few hours later in the evening. I started to feel a little lightheaded. Then we ate dinner and I felt a little nausiated. Then dizzy. And then I started vomiting and the world stared revolving around me. This lasted For a few hours. I thought maybe I had food poisining or something. I didnt make the connection with the EOs yet. In the morning I was fine. I went to unmold and I was ok. In the evening again the same story. It was cold and I hadnt ventilated properly. The morning following, my husband went to the workshop with me and he got sick the minute he walked in there. He spent two seconds in the shop and he bolted out of there. That is when the lights went on. Got my self a respirator and a suit that same day-Walter White style. I will not soap without them ever again. That is my story.

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