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Nov 15, 2018
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Ok, first thing, let's add a bonus category to this challenge: Who Used the Most Soapy Tools to Make Their Challenge Soap?

Making this soap included use of the Cheshire Cat, a Nurture mold, the Nurture Multibar Cutter (to cut the main loaf), The Hercules Soap Cutting Station (to cut the remaining three bars that exceed the length of the multibar cutter), the Wild Plantanica Router, and SanBao soap stamps from Etsy. Like the pro athletes do with their clothes, maybe I can get some endorsement fees for my SMF posts?? 😂 I do love the Hercules, btw, and am looking forward to trying it as a loaf splitter when I use my slab mold.

Back to the soap, as noted on the challenge thread, my accelerating fragrance worked too well. Thus, my lines are not straight, and the soap is full of air pockets. There are also glycerine rivers and TD spots in the pink portion (had to tone down the color at the last minute). Not sure if those would count as "extra techniques in the layers" which would disqualify me, but that's moot because this will not be my entry. For this pic, I only beveled and stamped a few of the soaps bc they are still too soft. Edited: scented with Lemongrass and Sage from Soap Supplies.

Now, without further ado:

SMF April 2022 Soap 1 cut.jpg

SMF April 22 Challenge Soap uncut 1.jpg
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