Apricot Fragrance Oil


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Nov 14, 2010
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I love the smell of Tom's Fresh Apricot deodorant even if I don't love the deodorant itself. But I use it because I like the scent so much.
I've looked over my usual FO suppliers and don't see anything that looks like a similar scent. If you haven't smelled the Tom's deodorant - it's a fresh, sweet scent with a 'fuzzy' apricot bite if that makes sense. I don't really know how to describe that 'fuzzy bite' other than it's a sharp, bittersweet note that I smell in fresh apricots and guavas.
Does anyone have any suggestions for an FO that would be similar?
And just an aside, but for some reason my husband and I associate this scent with the movie "The Replacements" - the scene before this one has the lead female character giving Keanu Reeves' character a 'wild yam balm' for his bruising and muscle soreness and the scent is referred to toward the end of this scene. We call the Tom's deodorant the "Wild Yam" deodorant!
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