Anyone have a non greasy lotion recipe

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Jan 13, 2008
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I make lotion for personal home use. My daughter suffers from ezcema and to get her to use lotion we make it. But they all seem to greasy. Anyone have a good recipe for a non greasy lotion?

Supplies I have on hand include:
Mango Butter
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter (unrefined- love the chocolate smell - ut has to be used quickly)
Coconut oil
aloe vera gel
liquid glycerin
liquid lanolin
shea butter liquid
manoi tiare tahiti oil (my favorite in lotions so far)
vitamin e oil
emulsifying wax
staric acid
gerbamen II

several fragence oils and essential oils

And probably a few other items.

We make about 3-4 6 oz bottles at a time and they last about 1 month each- so haven't used the gerbamen II yet and only had to throw out 1 batch for mold (the one with the cocoa butter after 3 weeks).

We use so much because I have 3 daqughters and myself who use the lotion - by the way.
Yep it's one that I formulated myself and that I make to sell.

But if you do a google search you should find what your looking for.
That is what I did. I found a few recipes and started tweaking them according to my wants and needs. Now I have lotions, creams and body butters that are all from scratch and are emulsified!

non greasy lotion

Have you tried 100% jojoba oil?? It's most like the sebum in skin. Soaks in quickly. No need to use a lotion. This will do the trick. Try a small sample and see if you like it. I have roseaca and I use it straight on my face.
I would say try some different oils, lighter oils, jojoba or fractionated coconut oil. If you do some research you will find which oils absorb faster than others. If that doesnt help then try a base lotion. Thats what I used to use before I got up the courage and the knowledge to make lotion from scratch. HTH Goodluck
I love to use Jojoba for things like this. It doesn't clog pores and absorbs quickly into the skin.
Hello, I was just browsing. This may be too old to post to but try adding just a little bit of cornstarch to the mix. Not a lot because you will have cream instead of lotion but just enough and it will take the oilyness out but not the moisturizing benefits. It will leave a silkiness instead. Just a thought. TW

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