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Feb 11, 2012
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Not only has Saffire Blue been taking about 3 weeks to ship orders around the holidays, I'm still waiting for a refund for out of stock items from an order in November. They keep saying they have a lot of refunds to do and mine will be done soon. I suspect they don't have the money as it can't take months to process even a lot of refunds.

Has anyone else been waiting months for a refund from Saffire Blue? What can I do as it's getting ridiculous?



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Dec 4, 2016
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Saffire Blue has very ummm "interesting" reviews regarding their level of service on sites around the web. I have used them once, and only half my order shipped. I thought they forgot the items because there was no communication from them prior to me having the package delivered. After calling them I opted to wait for the out of stock items rather than going for a refund. To be fair, I did receive the balance of my order a little more than a week later.

3 weeks isn't an unusual amount of time for any wholesaler to ship during the Christmas rush. NDA Canada, Voyager Soap and Candle, and Canwax were all taking several weeks to process orders during November. Even Candora Soap were taking 2 days to ship orders which is twice as long as usual for them. Then again Candoras isn't exactly a wholesaler so it's sort of comparing apples and oranges.

If you've contacted Saffire Blue to make efforts to get this refund and you feel you can't wait anymore, open a Paypal dispute or contact your credit card company (if you didn't use Paypal). If you payed by another method like EMT or Interac, you could open a BBB dispute.

Jennifer Wall

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Jun 6, 2018
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I joined this forum because I was also having issues with Saffire Blue. I had an order in prior to Christmas and they charged me for the full order but did not ship all the items. I have been trying to get the items since then and about 2 months ago asked for a refund but they keep canceling my request. I have opened a Paypal dispute but I really feel like this is terrible business practice on their part and such a shame. I will never order from them again after reading so many bad things about them and finding out that they short ship as a way to make money.

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