Any anti-aging recipe?

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Some people are generous enough to share their recipes. That's great.

Others will not share an exact recipe, but are generous enough to share the key ingredients that work best for them. That is fine too.

If a person doesn't want to share a recipe or key ingredients, then don't. I think that is every person's privilege. My "Midwestern Nice" manners and my experience as a teacher, however, tell me it is kinder and better to keep that fact to oneself.
Beyond using nourishing creams, you may wish to look into using some colloidal gold in your recipe.
niacinamide, silk, all vitamins , AHA, actually you can not reverse it, but you can slow it down with good moisturisers. I would say that with moisturisers come with healthy life style:) The aging will slow down a bit at least the aging of skin.
I kind of agree with experts that the best antiaging think is regular use of sunblock
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I agree, Dahlia! Sun and smoking are terrible on skin.

My grandmother faithfully wore a wide-brimmed palm hat and cotton gloves when she gardened and worked in the yard. That hat was not all that handsome, but it sure kept the sun off her face. When she passed away at age 79, she looked 10-15 years younger than her age.
DeeAnna I wish I had known it 50 years ago when we all lied on beech whole day :)) Everyone was smoking, eh, I am happy, now most people are aware how sun, smoking or clean eating influence skin. Your grandmother was a smart woman. All this beauties in their seventies are people who protected themselves from sun ;))
I really forgot about smoking, i was a chain smoker till 2009, should do it at least 30 years ago.........
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