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Sep 25, 2007
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I'm sorry if my questions seem elementary but I'm just learning.

Can you use the wood molds for melt and pour soaps?
yes but you will need to line them with freezer paper and make sure the soap is thick enogh or cooled enough so it doesn't seep outside the mold.
OK, OK. As a TOG wood soap mold maker, :) I can personally attest to the fact that M&P will jump straight out of my molds because only CP can be poured into a TOG Mold! :lol: :lol: RIGHT/NOT! :lol: :lol:
I know a lot of CPers pour just after emulsification. I pour at thin to thin/medium trace.
Use a TOG Log Mold. It will make a fine log of M&P soap. Better yet, my new TOG Slab 12 bar Mold with Acrylic Dividers! Pour and you'll have 12 precut bars of soap. 8)

Here is a picture. This pic has no liners in it, but comes with my liner system. :)

Paul.... :wink:
You can pour M&P into anything that will stand still. Soon you will only see the world as potential M&P soap mold opportunities! (so long as it does not leak & you can get the soap back out)
I use Paul's TOG mold for M&P and it worked fine. I didn't think to line it with anything but the liner it came with, and I lost about a tablespoon or so of soap. No big deal, I had it sitting on a cookie sheet.

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