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Feb 28, 2021
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I used white pine sap , not pine tar, I only used 5% pine sap and i infused it into the olive oil with a dubble pot steem kettle, all but the tiny pieces of bark disolved, and the oil smelled like pine , I used 8% georgia kaolin. then some olive oil , and tallow,and some coconut oil i used a 2.25 to one water to lye. the oils were warmand when i added the lye i could hardly use the stick blender it started trace fast .so i hand whisked it and was able to pour it in the 2lb moldand smooth it out and wile i was mixing it ,it really started to heat up so i put the mixing bowl in a pan of cold water to tame it a bit as it was in danger of becoming hot processes, but it took and did not boil over and so far smells like pine , I was reading up on pine sap and what is the % of turpentine in pine sap and got a few reports, and it can range from 17.5% turpentine to 31% so my 5% pine sap may have had enough turpentine to exelerate the batch , but its a bugger to work with i will not go over 5%


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