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Chalk Creek

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Nov 23, 2007
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HI all, here I am again to bother you with yet another label question. :?

I'm am doing my first mp for a quick turn around. I have customers ready for more soap and they aren't impressed with the "4 more weeks on the curing rack" response they get from me.

How do you label your mp's vs cp? Do you list the INCI ingredient names just as on the cp? Or do you put something on the label about it being mp?

Just not sure what to do here. Oh, by the way, I'm using WSP's Honey Base.
I use 2" X 4" labels and put all the ingredients in the soap. I would research WSP site they should have a list of what is in the honey base.
Thanks, Dragon. So basically it looks like your own cp "from scratch" label? Guess I feel like I'm cheating with mp and making a label so it looks like I handcrafted it feels wierd.

No offense meant to those who do mp. Just new to me and different. Seems so quick and easy, which is definitely a good thing.
The FDA requires all ingredients to be listed. You can pull the ingredients from the website where you bought the base.

The REASON you are required to list the ingredients rather than just list M&P base is because, if someone has an allergic reaction & your label just says *base* that will give them no help in treating the reaction or preventing it again since all bases contain different ingredients.
Thank you, Tab. I guess my real question (and I wasn't clear about it) is if wrapping and labeling mp soaps the same as my cp's (so it appears I handcrafted both) is misleading. Does that make any sense?

Gotta tell you, though, being able to pop a soap out of the mold and shower with it the same day is awesome!!

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