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Aug 22, 2007
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Hi, I'm Mandy. I'm back into soapmaking as of tonight - just finished my first batch in 2 years and I'm hooked again :)
Nice to be here!
yeah, this is a hobby that is hard to stay away from lol

Welcome.. and welcome back to our world! now go spend money on supplies! and get hooked on fragrances!
Hi Mandy #2! Good to "meet" you here at The SMF! We are a lively, easy going group of soapiers who are "user friendly!" We love talking soap and B&B and learning together! Welcome once again! I only do RTCP and use goat milk exclusively in all my products. I hope we can help one another down the road.

Paul.... :wink:
Thanks for the welcome everyone :D

What's RTCP? Is there a sticky somewhere with the acronyms? (I'll go look)
RTCP is Room Temperature Cold Process. I need to get a stick going that explains these acronyms. My RTCP is a tad different than what others that do RTCP is. I can explain if you want.

Paul.... :wink:
I still find soaping and unmolding my soaps just as exciting as it was with my first batch. It is always nice to meet others that have that same passion.


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