Analysis of this laundry soap with ammonia and borax?

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Nov 21, 2017
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After reading the thread, I started looking for laundry soap recipes, and I came across this one at

"Grandma Herald's Laundry bar Soap
8lb batch

64oz lard
8oz sugar
4oz borax
8oz ammonia
32oz water (I like rain)
12oz lye

1. Combine water and lye, set aside till cold.
2. Melt lard and cool to 95-98F.
3. Combine sugar and borax then add to melted lard. Stir well.
4. Add ammonia stir well again.
5. Add lye/water mix to oil will turn pink then thicken.
6. Pour into mold no need wrap mold.
7. Unwrap and cut 18-24 hrs later.

Without taking into account the borax and ammonia, this seems to be at minus 30 SF? And then, the ammonia will add more alkalinity (not clear if this is "neat" or household ammonia; I assume it is the latter, a 5% solution -- even more alkaline if the former). This recipe seems rather lye-heavy, but am I missing something? And is this likely to be an effective laundry soap? I tried to submit a question on that website, but the site owner is no longer taking questions.

Can someone please weigh in on this. (I'm still looking for the holy grail of laundry soap.) Thanks!
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Apr 2, 2012
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I wouldn't add the borax into the oils. I would dissolve it first in some water. I've never used it in a soap recipe so have nothing to offer. As for ammonia...never use it either. As for a minus 30 SF, I wouldn't let it anywhere near my clothing. You're talking a whole lot of active lye. Would likely totally ruin most clothing.

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