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Kiti Williams

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Jul 1, 2019
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Reading, PA
Most don't know too much about me, so I thought I would give you a bit of background. October's Challenge was a bit hard for me, because I an a professional Actress, and work in a Haunted attraction here in Philadelphia, PA. My season is only 21 to 24 days long, but they are brutal. Last night was the final night for the Haunt, and now my life goes back to being a SAHGM. I do have other activities to do along with the soap making/experimentation. I knit, everyday, I can crochet but don't really like it for most things. I am a Fiber Artist, and some of my "fibers" are on the weird side. I own 3 spinning wheels, 2 looms, 15 sewing machines, and a lot of fabrics, both my own and commercial. I have 1 Hubby, 2 daughters, and 4 grandchildren (one of whom lives with us), I have 9 parrots and 8 cats call this their home.

As Haunt Season has just ended, there is much sadness in my heart. I will not be going back to Pennhurst's property except to help clean up or fix things. I will miss my freaky family the most, because they are part of my Tribe, and I would not be happy without them. So if I am a bit distant for a bit, just know that I will be back with my Soaping Family soon!

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