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Jun 12, 2008
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I have heard about the soap calculators and using them to get a correct % of ingredients. But, how do I figure out how much essential oils, herbs and enriching oils to add to a premeasured oil kit? I have 5 lbs. of premeasured and mixed coconut, palm kernel, and olive oil, plus 12 ounces of lye.

1) Is it about 1 ounce of essential oils?
2) How much honey? And do you add that at the same time as the EO?
3) How much of an enriching oil such as jojoba oil or wheatgerm oil? Is that 1 ounce too?
4) What about the ground up oatmeal? Is that put in also when the EO? How much?

Thanks so much! I tried looking at other's posts, but none seemed to answer all my questions!


Hi -

1. I start with .07 oz per pound of oil for essential oils. Some are stronger than others so you will need to test each one. I add at trace.

2. I add a small amount of oil or liquid to my honey and gently heat it in the microwave so that it blends better. I use TB per lb oils after trace - around the same time I add my EO.

3. Are you talking about superfatting? If so - do a search -there are many opinions on that one.

4. Oatmeal - finely ground - at 1 TB per lb oil at trace.

HTH :)

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