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May 27, 2024
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Hi there!
I'm having big problems with cold process soap when I choose to use aloe vera gel instead of the final water.
I use pre-mixed 50% lye concetration (1:1 ratio) and from that lye (which I keep stored in a container) I take the amount I need for my formula.
I use 30% coconut, 10% castor, 34% olive and 26% sunflower. My superfat ia 6% and 0% water discount.
But when it comes to mixing the lye/water to the oils I get a disaster. It reaches immediately to high trace and it sticks in the bucket.
Any idea what goes wrong?
The above mentioned oils and lye percentages work very well with all my other soaps.

If anybody has a similar experience and could help me out please send me some directions. I would be very grateful!
Thank you Jan!
Your confirmation along with KiwiMoose's initial suggestion really relieved me.