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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
lots of folks have been giving aloe a big thumbs up so i saw aloe powder and thought i'd give that a try? anyone ever use it? i was thinking i could just add it to the lye water...or would it retain more "aloe-ness" if it was added at trace?
I really like soap made with aloe but I use the juice form that can be purchased in wal-mart for around $7.50 a gallon jug. (no shipping) It's in the laxative section and in our wal-mart its on the bottom shelf.

But I have never used the aloe powder. But I have been thinking of it for a few different applications that are not soap.
I have a few ounces of 100X aloe powder I got about a year or so ago. I've used it in my lotions in the past. Since I've been using the aloe vera juice, I have not used it. I buy my aloe vera juice at Sam's for less than $5.00 per gallon! I think I'll add some of the 100X to my aloe vera juice next time I make my lotion base up.

This 100X you use 1 part aloe powder to 100 X's the amount of water.
I think I got it from Lotioncrafters or The Herbarie.
I asked this on another forum as well regarding which form of alow (powder, gel, juice) would be better for the skin in the end. No one seemed to have any ideas in that regard so I am going to stick to using what I have on hand I guess.
I use aloe and Vitamin E in every soap I've made so far because both are good for the skin. I use 100% aloe gel I think its probable as close to the plant as I can get but, Aloe Powder would be easier to store and use, So I intend to try it. I tried to harvested aloe from several large plants I grew last summer buts its kinda hard to separate the resin from the gel and then there is the whole storage problem.. mabie freezing?
Anyway aloe gel seems to work ok for me, .5 oz per pound is what Ive been doing. Thats really not very much.

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