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Oct 20, 2015
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St. Louis, MO, USA
I had to order glitter for a new project I have coming up, so I figured I'd order a new fragrance oil to try it out. AHRE has a $15 minimum purchase, so I was forced to buy four fragrances. ;)

So far I love them all. Plus, they sent me a free lip gloss sample, pen, magnet, blueberry muffin scented tealight and a couple of peppermint candies. I love me some freebies.

Anyway, these impressions are of the scents right out of the bottle. Lid off, nose in.

Christmas Cheer - Smells like a fir tree just climbed up my nose. There are supposed to be undertones of orange, cranberry, lemon, spun sugar and vanilla, but it's overwhelming fir. It's a nice, sharp fir, but all fir. I'm hoping the scent will mellow a bit when added to soap.

Blue Skies - Smells like sheets drying in the sun on a summer day, it's really lovely. Jasmine is the strongest scent so far, but I can also smell a little musk. Very feminine, very pretty.

Pipe Smoke - Pretty much smells like pipe tobacco. It smells warm, a bit of cherry, a little honey.

Moscato - If you like sweet Moscato wine, you already know what this smells like. It's dead on. You can almost smell the bubbles. Primarily a light, white grape scent, but there's also green apple, a little grapefruit and a hint of musk. I am really looking forward to trying this one out.

(Sorry if I put this in the wrong section.)
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Say What! A moscato scented fragrance oil, how have I missed this :eh: This has just topped my list of must try soapy things. And I love when companies throw in little "gifts" makes me feel appreciated when I spend my hard earned money!
KB, I don't think the moscato FO smells like the wine but it does remind me of it. Moscato is one of my favorite wines.

The fragrance has some fruity, fresh, clean and sexy (to me!) notes to it. I can pick up lychee distinctly. Its a great scent combination I'm not sure how to describe it but I wouldnt say it smelled just like the wine; then again, most wines smell like a sour, fruity alcoholic mix until I actually take a sip.
Y'all were correct, I love Moscato in the soap! It's much more subtle, which makes sense, but I still like it and it's exactly the kind of scent I wanted for this particular soap. Squeee! I can't wait to unmold it tonight and see if I like the coloring as well. :)
Update on the Christmas Cheer fragrance, now that I've used it in soap. Amazing change. As I mentioned, out of the bottle it is an overwhelming fir tree scent. I tried it in soap anyway, hoping it would mellow a bit. It changed completely. The soap has a light, sweet cranberry scent with hints of orange and sugar. The fir scent is almost non-existent. I like it quite a bit, lovely for a holiday gift soap.
I put Blue Skies in a mottled blue and white soap and got a ton of positive comments about the clean cotton smell. It's a crowd pleaser.

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