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Nov 6, 2007
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Has anyone added Cocoa Butter to their MP soap? Was wondering if that would "harden" the soap more, or add more moisture. Looking to add more moisture and suds, not necessarily hardness. The bars are quite hard as it is. I have added shea and castor to the MP, and it turns out pretty good. Has anyone added say, rice bran, or almond oil, or any other type of oils? How did the MP hold up, or did it become too soft?
I have been making M&P for 6 years & anything I add (oils or butters) seem to either float to the top or sink to the bottom. Either way they do not incorperate into the bar to change it's consistancy.
Just thinking out loud here, shaving soap WOULD add some lather, even thou I have never made shaving soap (you make it right?). Would the soap also be creamy lather "type" ?
Kat - Shaving soap a base type, very creamy. I add shaving to all my soaps. I make strictly m&p. I've added cocoa butter, but too much so it was hard. I haven't had time to remake it yet.

Tab - Really? I've added olive oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, etc and none of them have separated yet.
Does WSP sell Shaving Soap? Now, I gotta go look! Something I never saw!! If they do not sell this, where else should I look?
I've never ordered from WSP, so I'm not sure. Anywhere that carries SFIC bases will have it.
Well, I just looked at WSP and they dont carry the shave soap. Darn, I needed to place ANOTHER order with them. This will be 3 in 2weeks, you'd think I could get a grip and order all at once. Wonder if the neighbors think I'm having an affair with the UPS guy he's at my house so much!! :p Bret if you could give me a hint as to where to buy, that'd be great. Thanks Kat
Thanks Bret, I just placed an order with KY. I assume you use their MP. I also ordered their shea MP, and of course had get a sample of the shea cream :D
Yep, I love KY, Vicky is great! I also use the soy whip and body glaze. Yummy stuff!
I added cocoa butter to my MP once and had the same experience as Tab , it sunk to the bottom and took away most of the lather. I save my cocoa butter to make body butters now!
cocoa butter

I routinely put cocoa butter in my M&P soap. It makes a softer soap, and I get a good lather still. I also add coconut oil.
Cocoa butter makes a softer soap? Interesting- I have never used it in soap but it's such a hard butter and lends to hardness in lotion bars, balms, etc.. I would think it would make the bar harder?
I'll have to try to see what happens?
I like Shea and Jojoba but these additives can make an MP bar softer...use sparingly is the key- so your soap soesn't melt away too fast.
I was having issues with additives suspending/floating/sinking in my soaps also. Anything but mixing in! Some were great exfoliants! But then I read a recipe somewhere that used a stick blender to mix in the additives. I've tried this on 3 batches now (2 were re-batched). And it really seems to work! I know, I had the same fear = bubbling. I found if my liquid was deep enough and I lightly pulsed the blender, leaving it on the bottom of the bowl I wouldn't break the surface - no bubbling. I haven't seen a degradation in the lathering as a result either. Although I never felt my base lathered all the great anyway - but that's what you get when you don't have surfactants and hard water!

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