Additives that look like stars in a Galaxy soap

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I'm watching the series now for the first time and it's so enjoyable! It's really fun.

I wonder if you could use something like Sparkle Plenty from Mad Micas and just kind of put random pinches in as you pour? Like a mica line, but not all in the same place, if that makes sense?
I thought about adding Snowflake sparkle Enviroglitter, which I think is similar. I think itā€™s worth a try, thanks!
I'm a bit late to the thread but when I was researching galaxy themed soaps I came across this video where the soaper added some galaxy sparkling effect on the outer side of the soap by using some mica mixed with 91% rubbing alcohol and flicking it on the soap bar with a repurposed clean toothbrush, the effect is actually quite good! She also painted on some other effects, the video shows it well. This is only an exterior decoration so it will wash off soon when using the soap (I still think it's very pretty though).