Adding clays and colorants to lye before mixing with base oils

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Nov 29, 2021
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El Paso, TX
Hello all,

I hope all is well. I had a couple of questions.

Does anyone add kaolin clays to your lye before mixing with base oils? Does it make a difference in the end result?

Does anyone add kaolin clays to your EO/FO before adding to mix? ( I heard this helps with the overall smell strength of the EO/FO)

Just wanted to see if there are quicker ways to mix everything, maybe reduce a step or two during. I'm always rushing due to being scared of the soap seizing up.


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Jul 22, 2019
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I use Kaolin Clay...sometime I disperse it in a bit of water and add to my oils and sometimes I disperse it with my FO...depends on the soap I am making.

I use KC because I read somewhere that it adds a little more slip, which I thought was a good idea since I also read that recipes higher in Hard Oils and Butters can cause I figured to at least balance. Whether it works or not I honestly don't know...none of my testers or customers (prior to using it) said that my bar dragged. And buy it in a large enough quantity, it adds maybe a penny or two to my cost so why not?

I started mixing it with my FO, mostly because I read somewhere that it helps to 'anchor' the scent (make it last longer). Whether it works or not, again...don't know, but it's more convenient than have to pour a bit of water out of a gallon jug.

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