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Sep 13, 2019
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I have been informed that I am to appear at a friend's house for a soap "house party" (kind of like a Tupperware party.) They are so taken with my soap at work that one of the security guards wants to do this at his house this coming Sunday. So I said Ok, I can do that. So maybe, I will have an outlet for the tons of soap I have made in these last months!
I spent the afternoon polishing 12 of each kind I have made. Here are a couple of post-polished pics.

IMG_3983.JPG IMG_3984.JPG

From left to right they are: Peppermint Oatmeal, Patchouli, Nag Champa, Cranberry Balsam, Sandalwood, Christmas Forest, Blueberry, Love Spell, Hibiscus Ylang Ylang, Three Wise Men, (more )Love Spell, Havana Holiday, and Frankincense.

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