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Feb 22, 2018
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New York, NY
Zany in Co suggested that I use my ridiculously huge stock of jojoba oil, bought years ago for some reason I now can't recall, as a carrier oil for other EOs.

Someone else suggested I buy Peru balsam as a sub for vanilla EO. I did. It was thick & resinous, so I diluted it with the jojoba.

It occurred to me that I created PB&J oil.

Well, I thought it was funny. Maybe you had to be there.


On another note, I said that I didn't like the smell of sandalwood, and DeeAnna suggested I use tiny bits of it with other oils & see what happens. In fact I did just this with the PB&J. I started out with the PB&J and it was just too...resinous. A drop of sandalwood made it sweeter. It's not there yet, but I like it.
PB&J oil? Oh, I just got it! Peru Balsam and Jojoba!
Smack Laugh.gif

Just to be clear about ratios -- Oakmoss Absolute:Jojoba is 1:9 -- to make the thick absolute easier to work with. I use it at a low% of the total blend as an anchor.

I don't do that with regular EOs or EO blends like BM: Breezy Mint (of all things!) from Rainbow Meadow:
1 part Balsam Peru
2 part Peppermint
5 part Spearmint

NOTE: You could add the Oakmoss 10% to the blend at a rate of 1% to anchor the scent. This is a favorite scent of my wholesale customer and their customers. They use it in GM soap and lip balms. Sells well.

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