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May 28, 2015
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Checked around and didn't see a rose specific thread..... I have rose jam, but a friend with an autistic kid is asking about rose (only) scented soap. Seems her kid ONLY will use it and nothing else and she's having a hard time finding it in handmade soaps (trying to avoid the chemicals but understood about FO's).

Any ideas on a good "typical" rose scent supplier? I'm not a rose person so have never really sniffed rose soap... It'll be HP soap so that should help with any morphing issues (I hope).
Nature's Garden offers Fresh Cut Roses FO that gets good reviews. It's not a super sweet floral scent. It has more of a fresh tea-rose aroma with a touch of fresh greenness to it. I have used it in, oh, maybe a half dozen CP soap batches. It accelerates trace a slight bit, so don't soap really warm. It doesn't discolor the soap -- white stays white. I use it at 6% ppo (1 oz FO per 1 lb oils). Give the soap a week or two of cure before evaluating the scent -- this FO is one of those that has to mature for a bit in soap before it smells like it's supposed to smell.
I have the geranium rose from Soap Making resource, and to me it smells very much like roses with added greenery. It's well priced, but boy is it an accelerator! HP or lotions only for that one.
I also use NG's Fresh Cut Roses. I use it at 5% in HP for a med-strong scent. It's lovely and lasts a long time.
I have to be honest and say that I'm not a fan of NG's Fresh Cut Roses. It behaves well, but the scent is not to my taste. My personal favorite is WSP's Rose Garden. It has hints of green, so it smells fresher to my nose.
My favorite so far has been imogen rose from fragrancebuddy, it's a dupe of Lush, I've also tried fresh cut roses from WSP and it was ok. I just bought True Rose from Sweet Cakes which apparently is very good. I'll let you know once I soap with it.

Also Geranium EO is a nice alternative I think, it's very rose like.
Going to try nature's garden rose and add a few more things to my cart (bwahaha), thanks for all the tips (enablers LOL)! Will do the fragrance buddy on my next order from them, and will let you all know how it goes!

Debating on coloring part of the batch for the "regular" users, think I'll leave it uncolored and see how it goes....

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