A Fine Romance


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Oct 14, 2007
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Someone sent this to me in an e-mail. I enjoyed it and thought I would share.

A Fine Romance
 (A cowboy love poem)

When yore sittin' round a campfire
we do most ever' day,
the subject "Love"
jest don't come up
cause it ain't the cowboy way.

We might talk cows or hosses
and sometimes
gals and men,
but that's just mainly
and always with a grin.

So we was rightly taken back
 when a young cowhand
named Slim,
jest up and started
'bout a problem botherin' him.

You men are all much older
and you've
been around a bit,
so you might have an answer

to a thing that's give me fits.

I come up on the short end

when it comes to love and such,

I'd take it kindly if you men

could get me out of dutch.

What is it 'bout the female mind

and the things they do not like,
what sof'
ins up their stubborn side
and stops a senseless fight.

This gal I know gets all huffed up
each time I come to call,
she says I smell to heaven

but I'm jest like each of y'all.

She's awful cross and snippy

when I say I like her lots,
she says my breath is put-er-fied

but better than my socks.

She's mad about the boots I wear

they's somethin' bout the mud,
she frets about my denims too

what she calls pri-mal-crud.

She says my nails are somethin' else
they's always dark as sin,

but on my oath I swear to you

they's jest like all you men.

She says my faceis scan-da-lous

my hair must loathe a brush,

my whole outside reads fu-mi-gate

before I'm fit to touch.

So I leave it up to you men

cause yore purty much the same,
what kin I do to please that gal

and win this romance thing.

Well on that thought we pondered

til the hour grew real late,
but none of us could rightly say

what steps that boy should take.

He's jest like us old Smiley said

that's right enough as rain,

now why'd that gal git so riled up

kin someone please explain.

I started then to say a word

but I had to stop I fear,

the headiness of that there crew
had caused my eyes to tear.

Then jest like that it hit us all
what a bunch of toehead dopes,

the only thing that romance lacked

was a homemade bar of soap.

And so we let him know right off

he grinned and told us thanks ,

rode off to get that bar of soap

and join the lovers' ranks.

The next we seed of that young sprout

was later on in town,
he looked the worse for wear alright
his face was hangin' down.

What happened son we all inquired

where is yore prairie rose,

she slammed the door right in my face

her love fer me is closed.

You fellers gave me good advice

it's only now I see,
that bar of soap I gave to her

was really meant fer me.
Rod Nichols


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Mar 2, 2014
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Arizona, USA
Thanks for sharing, lsg! That's so funny because I can put names and faces to many of those good 'ol boys jawin 'round that campfire, lol!


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Sep 24, 2014
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~LOL~ Too funny, thanx for sharing :lol: