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Dec 16, 2007
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Medical Lake Washington
I saw someone mentioned checking out the archives. How do I get there?
What is a BBCode?
How do I put one of those sayings that I see most of you have on your postings?

p.s. I really like this forum.
Well, You could use the search function. Or you could just scroll through previous pages.

BBCode is a programmer language for forums. It stands for BUlletin Board Code. I would advise enabling it, or else you may have trouble seeing some of the features.

Go to your profile, scroll down to signiture. Enter what you would like. Hit submit button at bottom
If you want a quote, etc at the end of each post go to the top of any page & click on profile. Scroll a little ways down untill you see "signature block". Enter this:

"If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all." -Thumper

But remove my quote and add yours.

If you want your quote larger change the size=12 to another number eiether up or down. There is also a little tutorial there that explains how to change the color, add a photo, etc.

BBC is like a brand of html.
Ooooooops, that did not work, I tried to give you the code above but it converted it, how silly. I tries 2 times to post the code here for you to copt but og coarse it converts it so you can not see the code, just the result.