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Jan 15, 2007
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I'm thinking of getting rid of my website and getting something a little less difficult. I'm okay with computers but I think the site that is hosting my website is for web builders which is not me. So now I'm thinking I should transfer over to another web hosting company but some do more than others and I have a budget. Id also like to keep my domain name and some places say you will still have to continue purchasing from your orignal web host provider?? Can anyone suggest a site for small business I mean grossing less than 1000. per month? I need something simple like drag and drop type of site.
I would totaly recpmend internetbasedfamily.com . It is soooooooo easy. It is $21.00 a month & does everything you could possibly need it to do. It has a stock image base, mailing list/newsletter ability, hundreds of skins, shopping cart & more. I use it for my B&M shop: www.texasartspot.com You should be able to do a 10 day free trial.

I dropped my Polly Wog website & just directed my domain name to etsy so I only have to focus on the one site.
You can transfer your domain name to other registrars. I use godaddy for all mine. I think the fee to transfer them is only like $9.

What hosting service have you been using?
I use godaddy & the redirect is free, I pointed mine to my etsy shop just last spring.
my domain was purchased from lunarpages it was free of course since i bought a package but I need to find something else. My subscription ends on march 1, 2008. Thank you so much guys going to do my investigation!
I use Network Eleven. It cost around $7.00 a month and is the best hosting service I've ever used. It has a 99.97% up time (meaning my site is always up and no crashes.) It's a Time-Warner backbone. My hubby did a lot a research (computer geek) and he said this one is the best. I've used them for 4 years now and wouldn't even think of going anywhere else.

pm me if you want their web addy.
After Tab and a couple others directed me to etsy.com, I sure can't complain. I had a great deal of sales the first month there! Wonderful, fast, inexpensive. If trying to sell soap, there is a lot of competition though. My wife is selling my soaps and lotions at her etsy.com site along with her unique washcloths and soap saver socks. So far, I love etsy.com!

Paul.... :wink:
Paul you are kicking etsy butt! I am doing well, but not even close to what you are doing. Maybe I need to find a higher dollar item to sell.
Tabitha said:
Paul you are kicking etsy butt! I am doing well, but not even close to what you are doing. Maybe I need to find a higher dollar item to sell.

Thats funny Tab, Phyllis told me the same thing just today! :lol: :lol:

Paul.... :wink:
web site

I had been using Homestead.com because I could both create my site AND have them host it. But they are HORRIBLE. Don't use them unless you just thrive on bad customer service.