A cherry FO that won't seize in CP

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Jan 4, 2008
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Midwest, USA
I am looking for a good straight cherry that won't seize in my CP. I have used BB Cherry Almond and WSP Juicy Cherry. Both have seized in my CP.

I just used WSP in a RTCP batch (thank goodness I was using low temps, it slowed the seize down a bit) with a 38% lye solution...

Both of these oils seized in less than a minute to a very think pudding and was like playdough within 2 1/2 minutes....

Have you used a good cherry??
Indiana Candle has an awesome cherry, I think it is called wild cherry. I didn't CP it though. I sold the heck out of it in lotions & such!
Here are the results fron BCN's web site on heir Cherry Fragrance in CP.

Cherry - Did very nicely in CP. Strong scent, only lightens up slightly after cure.

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