9 more days! 9 more days!

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Jan 6, 2008
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And tax season is over!!!!!! (Have you filed your's?)

I am so looking forward to the 16th!!!! I'm so tired. There will be some stragglers for sure but it will be nothing like the next 9 days will be!

I truly need an Aaron & a Hur. Any takers?
I know every one is looking forward to that stimulus package but , man, it chaps me!!!!!! OUR gubment borrowed the money from China for this thing!!!!! Do any of you think that at some time in the future they won't pull the rug out from under us??!!!?!?!?!!!???!!!!! Talk about economic disaster! (Have you got your food stores full?)
Yup, like making deals with the Devil. China is just waiting for the right time.....it could be worse than Iraq. :shock:
Yup, yup, yup, I've got my year supply of food store and am working on my second year supply, but I'm struggling with storing the water. I don't want to have to purchase expensive equipment and storing in juice/soda bottles is taking up way too much room.

Yes I do rotate my food store and live by the motto "store what you eat and eat what you store"

My next investment is a wood stove and a two year supply of wood
We filed in Feb because I'm always glad to get it done with so I don't have to worry about it.

On that note I'm feeling inadequate with having a month's supply.. akk.
thats why i want to grow my own food... and store it like nuts, go back to basics..because when it does happen (and it will one of these days ) there is going to be chaos in 'paradise' i think the whole world is laughing now that the US is going into a slump, theyre going to wait til the beast is weak and then strike for the jugular...

scary stuff ...

in the worlds of an old sailor..

"Thars a storm a brewin lad!"
We moved out of the DC area because I'm sure someday there is going to be something nasty there. Now we are out in the mountains and trying to become more self sufficiant in everyway we can!

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