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Mar 9, 2017
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SE Denver CO

50% OFF Until May 19​

Clear Transparent Soap from Scratch eClass

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From Amanda of Lovin' Soap

If you’ve tried your hand at making clear transparent soap in the past, you know the traditional methods of transparent soapmaking are complicated and time-consuming. In the Clear Transparent Soap from Scratch eClass, I teach you a unique process that takes only 20-minutes from start to finish. The end result is transparent soap that has the clarity you desire.
  • The ingredients used in this eClass include coconut oil, stearic acid, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, Everclear (grain alcohol)*, and sugar.
  • The soap you’ll make is remeltable and can be worked with like melt and pour soap base.
  • Create bars of soap or embeds that can be added to regular cold process soap.
  • Learn how to get different varieties of clarity in your soap for a truly transparent end result!
*If you can’t get Everclear, you can use the highest strength of alcohol that you can find.
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