3rd CP soap. Glycerin Rivers!

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Apr 29, 2016
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Oakmoss sandalwood soap
Excuse the ugly chop stick drags and top.
It seems that "men's soap" is often synonymous with "ugly".


Coconut: 10%
Olive Oil: 22%
Palm Oil: 25%
Castor Oil: 8%
Rice Bran: 24%
Palm Kernel Oil: 10%
Beeswax: 1%

SF: 7%
Full water
Sodium Lactate: 1% +
ROE added to liquid oils

FO: idk 24-25 grams (of 400 grams oil)

This time I soaped at 110-120, (probably even less), put it into a warm oven for 45 minutes and then took it out, covered it with a box and then a blanket and put it on a counter.

Last time I used TD I had mixed it that day and had no issue. It was older in the squeeze bottle this time and I didn't shake it very much before adding it to the soap.
I checked on it while in the box on the counter and the temperature measured 113 F. No idea if it gelled or not (I don't think it did).

I'm confused because rivers happen from overheating right? But when I CPOPed the last batch I left it in longer and let less hot air escape and my oils and lye were about the same, if not a little hotter.

Reading it can happen from uneven saponification. Probably taking it out of the oven interrupted the process?

I was hoping the heat of the oven would help it along and leaving it in the box the rest of the time would gel it without causing the top to go all bubbly.

the good news is I was able to prevent soda ash, which I was hoping to do.

There's no sign of partial gel and it looks ungelled to me so I'm confused why I got rivers. But I guess that's how glycerin rivers are. Kind of sad I got them on my second time using TD.
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