1st time using Citric acid in soap

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Kaolin washer

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Feb 28, 2021
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I had noticed that when i used my soap in the hot water it bubbles very well but in the untreated cold water it notably flat. and not so bubbly. so for the 1st time i tried citric acid in my soap , because i heard it will bind to the Lime ,Magnesium , Iron in the water . well i found this to be true and hear is my formula. 144 g coconut oil,115.2 shea butter, 11.52 g Caster oil, 305.28 g olive oil 6.5 g citric acid wich by the way also gave me the super fat and then my clays 6.4 vee gum T , 32 g new zealand haloysite clay , 25.6 pottash feldspar all clays added to Olive oil and screened at 100 mesh 4 times, oils at 120f added lye water that had the citric diluted in it and blended untill trace and poured and kept warm and covered , turned out good , it now bubbles in the hard water
Was wondering where you were! Yes, citric acid is a good chelator. I have hard water and used it for about a year, but then switched to sodium citrate so I don’t have to think about the lye correction. Plus, the citric acid was sometimes making small crystals form on the top of my soap. I haven’t had that problem with sodium citrate.
I normally use a 5% super fat and found i could get very close to it without adding more lye, I have been using the soap and it feels very good on my skin, and it is great at washing dishes, to. and even with no fragrance oils the soap smells wonderful. , + the citric helps preserve the soap and gard against DOS amazing ingrediant

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