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Dec 22, 2010
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Northwest Florida
I made one today and am very satisfied with the outcome. It won't win any prizes for quality woodworking but will serve the purpose. Made one like Keith Brown's in the tutorial directory. Great vids. I'm learning a lot.
Now to make my second batch of soap. The first is on the dark top closet shelf curing and seems ok. It's just plain soap and now want to branch out and try something more. I hate that I will have to wait after deciding what I want to make because everything has to be ordered unless I find some local supplier. I have OO, CO, PO and lye on hand. All but the OO came from Essential Depot. It was my first soap stuff order and they were quick.
Reading and seeing pics of all that the pros on this forum create is making me antsy to stretch. I keep telling myself to be patient but it's tough to do. Very motivating forum! Thanks all.
This is fun.

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