100% EVOO Castile Soap


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Jun 6, 2014
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Firstly, sorry I'm so off and on again here of late. I work 2 jobs to make ends meet and find it hard to squeeze time in for my favorite passion thees days.....soap making. But 6 months ago I made a TRUE castile soap and almost tossed it because it didn't lather and was slimy. Well, I read you guys posts and as impatient as I am I decided to put it away and forget about it to see if it improved. I was attempting to reproduce the "kiss my face "castile soap that I love so much. The only soap that doesn't cause havoc on my poor face.
I ran into my soap by accident when I was looking for my cat under my bed and got a wonderful surprise! It's even better than KMF! Yes it has the undesirable qualities of castile, but so mild,gentle and such a creamy lather, very bubbly and silky. I'm in love with my soap again! I am so glad I never threw it out. But waiting so long is such a pain in the rear!
I used it as all over soap and shampoo and tooth soap with pleasing results. ImageUploadedBySoap Making1432297651.025844.jpg I made another large batch last night and plan to hide it for a year. Was wondering though about a few posts I saw here about BUTTERMILK CASTILE SOAP. Sounds very nice. Any input on how to and its qualities?


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Oct 14, 2007
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Yes, Castile soap definitely improves with age and curing.

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