10/15% Cash Back on Etsy Purchases


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Feb 3, 2015
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I hope this may help some soapers, I have a Upromise account which is basically just a cash back website. If you click to shop through their links, you usually get some cash back. Right now, they seem to be running a special on Tuesdays for Etsy for 10% cash back. You don't even have to have a UPromise card, just an account and click their Etsy link. That means if you have been eyeing that Bud's cutter, you could get 10% back! I wish I would have waited because if you have a UPromise credit card, it's 15% back if you use your UPromise card. I could have saved over 30 bucks on my Bud's cutter. I've been using their site and card for almost 10 years now and have gotten over 1k in cash. Almost like free shipping when it's 15%! The cash back might just justify buying that adjustable soap cutter and 9 bar divider mold....:)

You can just Google Upromise and the website should show up.

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