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  1. Benjifrazer

    Tutorials - new YouTube channel

    So soapsters. I am starting a YouTube channel with tips tutorials the usual Fayre. However, it occurred to me - there is lots of the same things on most channels and I wondered if anyone has a tutorial they wish they could find, a technique that they just can’t fathom out or any soap related...
  2. S

    Hi! New to SMF

    Hi all! I'm new to the forum (although I've been reading up on different topics here for about a year now) just wanted to give a great big hello! I'm starting a business with my brother and mother (it is a family venture!) We each have our own little niche, I love making CP soap. My mother...
  3. K

    Hello from Clayton , North Carolina!

    Hello, my name is cody. I began making soap in early January 2016 and have branched out from there. Making other bath and body products as well. I am very excited to be apart of the SMF to learn more about soap making from those who have perfected the trade. Seeing everyones posts and individual...
  4. K

    I needed a hobby for the winter months

    Hello, So I got the idea to make my own soap. I had a discussion with my SO about SLS and doing my own research on the net. Then I saw what stores were charging for their bars. I had made soap years ago in my university chemistry class (we used nutmeg oil we extracted in a previous class)...
  5. eucalypta

    What soapers do besides soaping

    When it's noisy in or around the house, I sometimes choose to view the subtitles on YouTube. So that's what I did when watching a video on an alternative method of making MP from scratch. Sometimes it is hilarious how the spoken word is translated into text. My advise would be: not suitable...