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  1. sapphire74

    The bottom of my soap turned yellow with yellowish spots. What happened?

  2. Sophiemophie

    What are these yellow blobs?

    Hi. I recently made a batch of soap using olive oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, castor oil and sunflower oil. I coloured it using green mica powder which I mixed with almond oil and added to the oils before I added the lye. The oils and lye were around 120 degrees and I reduced the water in my...
  3. L

    Did my soaps went rancid?

    Hi to everyone, I'm making olive oil soaps (4% superfatting) I'm having discoloration problems with some of my soaps and i don't know if it's rancid issue or just an aesthetic problem from curing process. The discoloration occurs always at the bottom of the soap as they cure. The soaps cure...